The Fourth

On Friday we went to what everyone around here calls "the greatest fireworks show west of the Mississippi." It was good, but just as good as the shows at home. We had fun spelling our names with sparklers as it was getting dark. It was a little harder for Barbara though since her name is longer than mine and I couldn't keep the shutter open long enough without burning out the image. So "Barba" will have to do.

Last night there was a lightning storm all around us, so I got some good pictures until it started raining.

We went on a three or four mile hike the other day too.


Alaska Massey said...

Nice lightning shots. I wish there was lightning in Alaska to shoot. Awsome night photography. Keep up the good work. ~Erik

KML said...

I loved your Sparkler shots! You'll have to teach us a few photo tricks like that at the family reunion!

Bonny Smith said...

hey, very nice pictures.

what did you use for that image viewer?

Sam and Tonya said...

Hi Tyler and Barbara,

This is your cousin...Tonya.

Seriously great pictures!!

We have had so many thunder storms this summer. Those lightning pics were fabulous.

Glad you had a great holiday!