Evans Family Reunion

We just got back from a family reunion on my mom's side at Bear Lake. It was fun seeing everyone we hadn't seen in a while.
Some of us hiked down into a local cave (the Minnetonka Cave). There was a lot of walking to do, and we overheard three different kids say, "I never want to come back here again." I liked it though.

A few weeks ago Barbara and I got some tennis rackets and started playing together, so we thought we might do OK in the reunion tennis tournament. But we got worked.

My grandpa has learned some magic over the years, so here's a video showing some of what he can do.


Bridge Jump

Since there's not much else to do in Idaho, we've been jumping off bridges lately. 

We went with some friends (Tyson, Girl Brett, Matt) to the Fall River to swim around. When you jump in the water it carries you pretty quickly downstream.

Okay, so my friends and I transform into 12-year-old boys when we're together. That's my only explanation for these next three pictures of us throwing the log in the river and riding down together. I think our wives just sit back and laugh at us while we do stuff--oh, actually, Barbara just told me this: "No, you give us instructions on how you want us to take pictures of you."


The Fourth

On Friday we went to what everyone around here calls "the greatest fireworks show west of the Mississippi." It was good, but just as good as the shows at home. We had fun spelling our names with sparklers as it was getting dark. It was a little harder for Barbara though since her name is longer than mine and I couldn't keep the shutter open long enough without burning out the image. So "Barba" will have to do.

Last night there was a lightning storm all around us, so I got some good pictures until it started raining.

We went on a three or four mile hike the other day too.