Stan's Interpretation of the Sonogram

Barbara's dad sent us an email with this "enhanced version" of the sonogram. Click on it to see his interpretations. This is probably one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.


Barbara's First Sonogram

Many of you know that Barbara is pregnant--she had her first doctor's appointment today. It was awesome! The sonogram was incredible to see, and the baby looks healthy and alien-like (which means Barbara's genes are definitely the dominant ones in this family). We won't know the gender for a few more weeks. Any guesses?


Dinner with Cousins & Playing in the Snow

My cousin Trevor and his wife Holly invited us and my other cousing Rachel over for dinner today. It was fun getting together with family and having Barbara meet Rachel for the first time.

Our friend Rob just got back from his mission and is going to school here now. He had never been sledding before, so we took him a few days ago.


Belated Christmas Photos

We'd like to thank our friend Ciara for reprimanding us into finally posting our Christmas photos. We got a bit behind schedule, but I think we'll do better now.
This is in Rexburg:

This is in San Diego (at the Coburn's & Little's):

This is the night of our one year anniversary:

This is playing croquet with Mike, Amy, & Afton:

This is New Year's Eve at Laura & Johnny's: