Spud Day

In the spirit of the Gem State, we went to Spud Day in Shelley. Spud Day is a set day of the year in certain communities where the potato is celebrated. It consists of potato sack races, lots of food, (including free baked potatoes), a tug-of-war with a pit of mashed potatoes in the middle, and a demolition derby. It is strangely awesome.

This is the third year I've been to Spud Day and the second for Barbara. It's kind of this sick tradition that we get a giant smoked turkey leg each time. Nothing brings people together like passing around a giant hunk of meat, I guess. The next three pictures are Spud Day in 2006, 2007, and 2008.

I won that beanie I'm pointing at in the demolition derby--which is way better than the hat Tyson won the first year we went. Take that, Tyson.


Why There Haven't Been Many Posts Lately

So I got online the other day to see if there was anything interesting to do around here that I hadn't done before. After not having much luck, I found this random forum talking about things to do--here are the top seven things on the list (paraphrased by me, except when quoted):
1. The famous Idaho Falls Zoo (boooooooooooooooring)
2. The local dollar theater that shows old kids movies for free sometimes during the summer
3. The regular priced movie theater
4. McDonald's (This is for real--I mean, a real person wrote this)
5. "Go to downtown Idaho Falls and let the kids play on the benches. [The BENCHES!] Those who have done this saw it's amazing what games the kids will invent for themselves."
6. Buy a kiddie pool to play in
7. "With that wading pool DRY get generic Cocoa Puffs or a similar cereal and put enough in for the kids to play. Then you can store the generic Cocoa Puffs for potential re-use. That's if it all hasn't been crunched, fed to family pets, eaten by the child/children, [peed on,] or ended up elsewhere. This usually is an outdoor activity, but could be moved indoors if blanket/sheets are placed under the plastic wading pool so clean up is easier. For my friends who have done this, children will be entertained for hours. Besides, if they didn't eat breakfast...well you could accomplish two goals."

As you can see, it's been difficult for Barbara and I to find things to fill our time with. Thankfully, our friend Todd fixed Barbara's bike recently though, so we've been riding around everywhere on that. There are some good parks and trails in Rexburg to ride. 

We got hot.