I had a day off from work yesterday, and we spontaneously decided to drive to Yellowstone National Park for the afternoon. We got an annual pass since it didn't cost much more than the regular one, so I'm sure we'll have some more Yellowstone pictures as the summer continues. It was beautiful!

When we pulled up to Old Faithful and checked when it was supposed to go off next we saw that we'd just missed it by about ten minutes. It goes off every ninety minutes, and we didn't want to wait that long since we both had meetings that night, so we ate our lunch and decided to leave. Just as we were getting to the parking lot, we saw the thing start shooting up water and heard people cheering. (Yeah, that's right. People were cheering. Pretty intense.) We were happy to be able to see it, get some pictures, and then take off before the crowd of people did. Sorry the colors in the Old Faithful picture are weird--you couldn't really see the geyser because the sky was white, so I did some photoshop tweaking.


Marcos and Helena's Wedding Photos

Here are the promised photos of Marcos' wedding. He didn't really have anyone to take pictures for them, so I volunteered last minute. I still need some more equipment to make more professional photos, but I think there are a few nice shots.


Holga Photos

Barbara and I just recently pulled out my old Holga camera that I haven't used in a while, got a 35mm adapter, and started playing with it again. For more about Holga cameras, look at this site: http://microsites.lomography.com/holga/
They're cheap and a lot of fun to play around with. We took a roll of film yesterday and here are a few good ones. We'll post some of the wedding photos from my work friend later.


The Rexburg Temple

I recently found out that a friend from work was getting married and needed a photographer, so I volunteered.  Barbara and I went to the temple the day before so we could find some good places to shoot from.  Here are a few shots of Barbara (and her belly filled with a rapidly growing baby boy).

Tyler and his imaginary bride are featured below. Just getting a feel for what some of the wedding shots would be like....  We'll post a few of them soon.