BYU-Idaho Web Page

That's right, friends. It's me on the BYU-Idaho web page.  Here's the link: 
Unfortunately some other chumps share my spot on the page, so you may have to refresh it a few times to find me.
Last year a girl from my old ward told my roommates and I that they needed people to take pictures of for the activities department, so we went. Some of my old roommates got put up on posters and flyers around campus, and now I'm on the web page.


Mesa Falls

Neither of us had ever been to Mesa Falls (about an hour north of Rexburg), so we went with friends Tyson and Brett. 

There's this little old school diner in Ashton on the way to the falls, so we stopped there and got a pretty good chocolate malt.


Barbara's Birthday

Barbara's birthday was on the fourth, so we went to the Fall River once again (we've been there three times this week since it's been around 100 degrees), but this time with innertubes. 
Barbara looks disgruntled in the photo on the left, but I promise she had a good time. She just makes these crazy faces every once in a while for a spit second right when I happen to take the picture.

After we played around on the rapids (the lower right part of the map below), we innertubed about 2 1/2 miles down river to the Chester Bridge (upper left corner of the map). When we drove down the highway to get the other car, Brett crammed her innertube around her in the back seat while Barbara and Tyson held theirs outside the window. I just had to drive while mine was secure in the trunk. Word.

We ate at Olive Garden that night with some friends.