Evans Family Reunion

We just got back from a family reunion on my mom's side at Bear Lake. It was fun seeing everyone we hadn't seen in a while.
Some of us hiked down into a local cave (the Minnetonka Cave). There was a lot of walking to do, and we overheard three different kids say, "I never want to come back here again." I liked it though.

A few weeks ago Barbara and I got some tennis rackets and started playing together, so we thought we might do OK in the reunion tennis tournament. But we got worked.

My grandpa has learned some magic over the years, so here's a video showing some of what he can do.


Tyson and Brett said...

I like that movie man... I showed Brett. She liked it too. Your grandpa is amazing!!

Brian, Audrey, and Greta said...

I also loved the grandpa video- especially the scrabble part

Todd and Blair Nielsen said...

Im scared of your Grandpa... for your sake I hope Barbara reappeared.

Alaska Massey said...

I loved the pictures - they were beautiful. It looks like you had fun. I just want to know why Johnny is the family outcast in the Minnetonka Cave picture. Erik thinks you just photo shopped him in. Anyways, we love you guys.