Yesterday was Barbara's great grandpa's funeral. We're happy that Elliott was able to enjoy some time with him, and we will miss him.
Elliott turned one!
Over the past year I've been taking a picture of Elliott about every two to three days with this video in mind. I want to end up doing a time lapse video of Elliott growing up for as long as he'll let me keep doing it. Maybe I'll let him decide if he wants me to keep doing it when he turns eight or something. He's totally going to hate me. Watch the video in HD full screen.

We had a little birthday party for the boy, and he didn't really go for it. We had high expectations for him, so Barbara spent all day making a cake that was a replica of his Domo stuffed animal, Erik brought over studio lighting, and we all cheered him on when we put the cake in front of him. Maybe he just wasn't ready to eat his favorite stuffed monster, or maybe it was the pressure from the group of people in front of him, but he didn't appreciate his first birthday cake. Owen and Oliver took over where Elliott left off, so the Domo cake wasn't made in vain.
We love our boy, and he's so fun to be around. We're very blessed.



We've been taking a lot of pictures lately, so here are a few more recent ones. Enjoy.