Three Days Old

Elliott came home from the hospital yesterday and has been enjoying our hot apartment since then. Debbie has been helping out so much with everything--we're grateful for her.

He flexed his tiny muscles at us right after his bath. I think he already knows people think he's cute, so he's flaunting it now.
He was in such a deep sleep yesterday afternoon that I had to take advantage of the moment and play with him a little. He didn't even notice that I was moving him around.


Elliott Parker Little

He's here! After two hours of pushing and a little help from a suction vacuum, he was born. Elliott arrived at 6:05 pm on July 20th, and both he and Barbara are doing great. He weighed 8 lbs 2 ounces is 20" long.
We are happier than we can describe.
More later.

Where We Are Right Now

So we're in the Madison Memorial Hospital right now, and Barbara is doing great. Epidurals are AWESOME. Hopefully he'll be born soon and we'll post some baby pictures!

Here are a few other random pictures from the last two days. We've been trying to live it up a little before the baby is born.


The Fourth

Here are some belated Fourth of July photos. It was Barbara's first time ever going to a rodeo, so it was a lot of fun seeing her wince and cry, "Oooooooh!" every time they tied up a calf or a guy got flung off a bucking bull. They had an event where they attached dollar bills to a calf and got all the little kids in the audience to chase after it to try and grab the money. Awesome. Couldn't have been more Idahoan.

We lit some fireworks later in the park by our house.

Also, Barbara is going into the hospital tonight to prep her for induction tomorrow morning. Wahoo!