Kayaking & Camping

My friend Tyson invited me to take these kayaking classes the outdoor recreation center on campus was offering, so I signed up. It was way fun. These pictures are on the third and final day of the class, where we went up around Ashton to kayak down river for about and hour and a half. Don't mind the "Nathan" helmet--I just borrowed it from some dude.
I hope it doesn't seem like I'm the only one who does anything fun and that Barbara just stays home learning how to crochet while I have all these random adventures. (Well, she was actually home learning how to crochet the last day I went kayaking.) We paddled nine miles down a river in a two person kayak this week--we just didn't get any pictures.

After a little frustration, I finally got the roll down. I'm glad I got a noseplug the last day--I was underwater practicing it a lot.

Brett, Tyson, Matt, and me all went on a wilderness survival camp out. It was planned as kind of a joke, since we all brought our slingshots and tried shooting our food that night (but we knew that we would most likely get nothing, so each of us secretly brought a little food and ended up sharing it with one another). It was fun though, and we built a lean-to to sleep under. Brett and I were the only ones that spent the night under it since Tyson and Matt went home early because they were sick.


R Mountain, Kite, Glockenspiel

This is our unintentional hike up the back of R mountain with our friends Tyson and girl Brett.  We weren't planning on hiking as much as we did that day, but it was fun.

A few weeks ago we saw a kite stuck in a tree out our window, so we watched it every day to see if it would fall out and we could claim it for ourselves.  The tree gave up the kite, and we quickly went out and found it in the street.  (The last picture is of me playing the glockenspiel we recently bought.  It's amazing.)


Park City

Angela and Erik and Barbara's parents made a trip to Park City, so we drove down and stayed with them for a few days.  It was a lot of fun going down the alpine slide and this other type of roller coaster while we were there.  It was a good few days.

We also went to Temple Square in Salt Lake.

June 11th and still snowing.  Apparently it snowed in Rexburg too....


Bridges, Dams, Gardens

We went to a bridge just outside Rexburg where trains can cross over the Snake River.  There was also a marshy place where we found frogs and a little snake.

We went to the Teton Dam for the first time with Tyson & Brett and Brett & Ciara.  The places where the last three pictures were taken used to be completely submerged in water until the Teton Dam broke in 1976.  The gorge in the last picture shows where the dam used to stand.  
I brought my old slingshot back from home, then Tyson and Brett got jealous and each bought one too.  We've been taking them everywhere and shooting at everything.

After a special request from "Little Legacy," we decided to post pictures of our plants.  In order of appearance, here they are: parsley, rosemary, basil, cilantro, carrots, pea flowers, and watermelon (all started from seed).  I got the watermelon as kind of a joke, but it has really taken off.  I'm not sure how we're going to fit so much watermelon in our window when the fruit starts to get big....