Barbara's first Mother's Day as a mom

Happy Mother's Day, Barbara! And Kay! And Debbie!
Here's a video I put together for Barbara. All the video is from Christmas till now since that's when we got our camera.
We're so grateful for our moms and their examples.


Antlers, Guns, Wolverines

Welcome to Alaska, Elliott!
We came to Alaska a week ago for the summer. We're pretty excited and have been having a lot of fun. Here's Elliott's new friend, the stuffed wolverine (note the endearing looks on both their faces)--it's in the lady's house we're housesitting for. And there was a moose hanging out a block away from us the other day. Alaska is full of crazy stuff like this. It's like Idaho on steroids.
More to come soon.

Here's some footage of the butterfly exhibit at the Wild Animal Park from before we left. Apparently Vimeo doesn't let you watch embedded videos in HD. (Annoying....) So I recommend watching the video here: http://vimeo.com/11369805