Bridge Jump

Since there's not much else to do in Idaho, we've been jumping off bridges lately. 

We went with some friends (Tyson, Girl Brett, Matt) to the Fall River to swim around. When you jump in the water it carries you pretty quickly downstream.

Okay, so my friends and I transform into 12-year-old boys when we're together. That's my only explanation for these next three pictures of us throwing the log in the river and riding down together. I think our wives just sit back and laugh at us while we do stuff--oh, actually, Barbara just told me this: "No, you give us instructions on how you want us to take pictures of you."


Alaska Massey said...

Looks like fun! Glad you guys are out and about. It is freezing here - I can't even think about jumping into a body of water. Hope you're having a nice summer.

Coburn Kids said...

You guys are crazy! Seriously, it looks like a lot of fun. I like that you added the videos. Love you both.

Sam and Tonya said...

LOVE this post...except for the Idaho comment...GRRRR. We'd be more than happy to trade you locations! ;)

Hope you are having a GREAT summer!