My Boys

Barbara wanted to post the blog this time, but she's falling asleep right now. I just nudged her and asked her what she wanted to say, so here it is, just about word for word. She said it in a sleepy voice while her eyes were shut.
"Today Elliott is 11 months old.
And it's Father's Day, yadda yadda. Make that sound good.
I'm so grateful for my boys, and I love them. I'm so blessed to have Tyler as our loving fathers. Don't post this. Don't post what I'm saying. For the examples of our fathers. Something like that. You sum it up. For my boys.
Goodnight. Goodnight. I love you. Goodnight.
You do it good like you always do."
Here are some pictures of today. Barbara got me some new records that I love.


Walking, Crawling

We walked (and crawled) around the Kenai River today. It's crazy that Elliott is almost a year old.


Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend we went out on Erik and Angela's boat to go camping. We all ate s'mores, while Elliott ate rocks.

On Monday I went halibut fishing with Erik and his family. We came back with TONS of fish--enough to last us all summer. Even then, I'm sure it won't be the last time I go fishing this summer. Wahoo!