I saw a Flickr group called Project 365 recently--you take a picture a day and post it online. It sounded fun, so I've been doing that since the start of the year. It usually ends up going something like this:
BARBARA: I'm tired. Let's go to sleep.
TYLER: OK. Wait! I need to take a picture today.
BARBARA: [Groaning sound.]
TYLER: Hold still. [Shutter click.]
BARBARA: You're not using that picture.
Then I stay up another hour or two and Barbara goes to bed. Here are a few I actually managed to take during the day.
twenty-one of three hundred sixty-five
E in chair
thirteen of three hundred sixty-five
I got lazy and embedded these pictures from Flickr. You can see the other Project 365 photos here.


Our sad, neglected blog

We've been horrible bloggers lately. Forgive us, and let's move on to a better blogging future.
Here's a video to perk this drooping site up a bit. Christmas photos coming very soon.