Valentine's Day

Here was our day:
1) Barbara gets her favorite health food in bed.
Valentine's Day breakfast

2) We drop off Elliott and get new shoes.
3) We go to where I had my first job and play miniature golf for the first time together.
45/365 Valentine's Day golf
4) Eat loads of steak at Black Angus for lunch. (No picture--you wouldn't want to see a picture of Barbara gnawing on a raw hunk of meat. It wasn't pretty.)
5) We go on a bike ride with the boy.
42/365Bike ride
Bike ride
6) Barbara flips her hair around so I can take a picture.


Marcella said...

love this photo!

Lindsay said...

Happy (late) valentines day! I just found a random picture of Barbara and Elliott on Evan's computer --really random, really funny -- so I came to check on your blog! It's good to see that you guys are doing so well. Any time you're in Seattle you're welcome. We'd love to see you guys again some day. :)

Holly & Matt said...

Every time I read this blog, I think, "Oh Barbara is just my favorite person. She's so cute, doing things like eating donuts in bed and being so freaking gorgeous all the time." :)

The Crandallions said...

What a lovely day! I love donuts and new shoes too. The picture of Barbara and Elliott on the bike is to die for. What a cute family you guys are!