I saw a Flickr group called Project 365 recently--you take a picture a day and post it online. It sounded fun, so I've been doing that since the start of the year. It usually ends up going something like this:
BARBARA: I'm tired. Let's go to sleep.
TYLER: OK. Wait! I need to take a picture today.
BARBARA: [Groaning sound.]
TYLER: Hold still. [Shutter click.]
BARBARA: You're not using that picture.
Then I stay up another hour or two and Barbara goes to bed. Here are a few I actually managed to take during the day.
twenty-one of three hundred sixty-five
E in chair
thirteen of three hundred sixty-five
I got lazy and embedded these pictures from Flickr. You can see the other Project 365 photos here.

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Brett and Ciara said...

Awesome idea! love the photos especially the second one. His trousers are awesome.