Elliott is two

We had Elliott's birthday party yesterday, and here is his year two video. Enjoy the show. (You may want to turn off the music player on the bottom of the page.)

Elliott turns two
Elliott turns two
Elliott turns two


Lindsay R said...

what an awesome video! what a lucky kid to have parents that are creative as you guys! happy birthday Elliot!

Bretty said...

i LOVE that last shot of him with the whales. that is seriously so neat =) oh, and baby dahlia says happy birthday.

Brett said...

That video was awesome. I think you're finally better than me at something, and yes I'm jealous. Way to go Elliot, you're the real star!

emily said...

dear elliott--too bad we've never met in person. maybe when you are old enough to more effectively beg, you can convince your parents to finally bring you to new york. love, favorite auntie em

Brent said...

Eberyone lobes Tyler, Barbara, and Ebbiot! Thank you for an extremely entertaining bideo!