Riding bikes on the 52

Sometimes I'm amazed at how excited Barbara gets about little things. They had a bike ride/run for the public on the section of freeway that is being opened up near our apartment, and Barbara was giddy as ever. I woke up yesterday morning to her telling me about a dream she was just having about the free tee shirts they were giving away at the event.
It was pretty awesome riding our bikes on the freeway. Enjoy the video and pictures. There are more pictures in flickr.

Freeway opening
Freeway opening
Freeway opening
Freeway opening


Tyson, Brett & Dahlia said...

that looks so fun! tell elliott dallie says hi =)

KML said...

Great pictures Tyler! We loved the video too! When will cars be able to go on the new freeway?

The Crandallions said...

How awesome is that? I had no idea they were doing that. We totally missed out. Glad you guys had fun and got some great video and pictures. Always a good job Tyler :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

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Tyson, Brett & Dahlia said...

Good luck teaching Elliott not to play in the road now.
- Tyson