Elliott, 2 Weeks -- Barbara, 24 Years

On Monday Elliott turned two weeks old, and on Tuesday Barbara turned 24 years old. My mom was able to come up for two days to see him since she was visiting Utah. She watched Elliott on Barbara's birthday so we could go out on our first date since the baby has been born.
Here are some of the faces Elliott makes--I think his kissing face is the funniest.


Brianna said...

Happy belated Bday. Sorry I did not call but my sister is in town so it has been crazy, Elliott is so cute what a wonderful birthday gift. You are such a sweet person and we hope you had a great day and a very Happy Birthday. We love you. Love, Mike, Brianna and Olivia

Jamma said...

Thank you for posting pictures. Elliott is getting cuter and cuter and Barbara you look great for just having a baby! Hope you had a very happy birthday...Tyler the cake looks yummy! Love you all...you are such a cute family:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Barbara! Elliott is a little cutie. I love all his many faces.