The Rexburg Temple

I recently found out that a friend from work was getting married and needed a photographer, so I volunteered.  Barbara and I went to the temple the day before so we could find some good places to shoot from.  Here are a few shots of Barbara (and her belly filled with a rapidly growing baby boy).

Tyler and his imaginary bride are featured below. Just getting a feel for what some of the wedding shots would be like....  We'll post a few of them soon.


Alaska Massey said...

Nice pictures, Tyler. Barabara, you look gorgeous, as always. One and a half months to go! Woohoo! -Angela

Mary Dunlap said...

You look so cute Barbara! Congrats on the graduation Tyler! Mary

Alaska Massey said...

I love your pictures and I love you. From Kaitlyn

Cristiane Evans said...

Hi there! This is Michael Evans' wife, Cristiane :)
We're so excited for you guys! We are also expecting, so we know the joy of parents-to-be.

You look great! Cute cute belly!

Brianna said...

You look beautiful Barbara. We love and miss you guys and can't wait to meet our new nephew. Tyler you look good too. Don't want to leave anyone out. Love you