All the trees are going to look dead soon, so we're living up the fall weather while we can. This is Barbara's favorite time in Rexburg, so we decided to take some pictures.

I looked in a journal from last year and saw that it was one year ago today that we got engaged. We went to Smith Park and took pictures under the tree where I proposed. 
Apparently I had a bug on my face right before the self timer went off, so that second picture was right after Barbara smacked me in the jaw.


KML said...

One year ago - engaged?!! I remember it well. It sure looks like you both have "joy in the journey." (Dad and I read President Monson's talk tonight on "Finding Joy in the Journey.")

Cameron and Lindsay Rondo said...

Love your guy's blog. Good to see you're doing well!

TRICKY said...

These are such great pictures of you guys. How beautiful Fall is and what a beautiful couple you make!

Sam and Tonya said...

Congratulations! Love your fall pics!