Spud Day

In the spirit of the Gem State, we went to Spud Day in Shelley. Spud Day is a set day of the year in certain communities where the potato is celebrated. It consists of potato sack races, lots of food, (including free baked potatoes), a tug-of-war with a pit of mashed potatoes in the middle, and a demolition derby. It is strangely awesome.

This is the third year I've been to Spud Day and the second for Barbara. It's kind of this sick tradition that we get a giant smoked turkey leg each time. Nothing brings people together like passing around a giant hunk of meat, I guess. The next three pictures are Spud Day in 2006, 2007, and 2008.

I won that beanie I'm pointing at in the demolition derby--which is way better than the hat Tyson won the first year we went. Take that, Tyson.


The Farmer's said...

Hey, remember me, we used to hang out. That Spud Day looked eventful. You're a true Idahoan. Well, really just wanted to say hi because it's like we never talk anymore. Peace.

PS-This is Eric.

Tyson and Brett said...

The beanie is cool... but if you combine the hat I won last year and the one I yanked from the sky this year that has flames on the sides... I don't know. Might be a toss up.

BIG POPPA said...


i served there!

you need to call if your ever in Chubbuck/Pocatello area!

(208) 380 0748

you excited for the cold???

Sam and Tonya said...

Ok, I'm seriously sad I never knew about this when I went to school there!

It really looks strangely awesome!

Katie Evans Photography said...

Hi guys, This is Tyler's cousins wife(Jonathon Evans wife), Katie Evans...did you follow all that? :)
We met at the family reunion in Bear Lake this July. Anyways...I stumbled across your blog and I thought I'd say Hello! I grew up in Idaho falls so I am very familiar with "Spud Days"! When I was little, I even decorated my bike one year and rode in the parade! Good times. I agree, It is strangely awesome!

Love your blog! :)