We finally caved in and started a blog.  Here's what we've been doing the past week or two.

The somewhat freakish elkhorn arch is in Jackson, Wyoming.  We went there about two weeks ago and I think we had more fun on the car ride than in the town.  It's too rich-old-country-man touristy and their alpine slide wasn't open yet.  
The rest of the pictures are in and around Beaver Dick Park.  There has been a lot of flooding around the Snake River because of all the snow.


Alaska Massey said...

The pictures look good. We are glad you guys joined the bogging world. We love you!

jasondcall said...

Ill add you if you add me.. lOVE YOU Pocket



KML said...

Yea! You did it! Way to go Tyler and Barbara. OK, now when do we get to see pictures of your plants?!!

Love ya!

The Smiths said...

Ha-- you've been sucked in too. Get ready for a love/hate relationship :)

Brett & Ciara said...

how could you be dumb enough to start a blog?!!